Meet The Founders

Hey Ladies!

We’re Laurelle & Rijon, and we’re sisters.

Laurelle loves travel and margaritas, and Rijon is pretty crazy about puppies and lattés... But one thing we both love, is partying with the girls!

Man, we’ve seen some pretty crazy nights, and some really bad booty grinding too! We’ve seen what a real MOH breakdown looks like - Not fun!

We get it! We know how stressful planning a bachelorette party can be!

We’ve planned a dozen bachelorette parties too! Those group texts and email threads, excel docs, head counts, awkward budget convos and secret bathroom cries… Count us out!

We had a revelation! It was time to take a stand for stressed
Maids, Matrons and Brides everywhere!

So, we created a dynamic & savvy
party planning tool that does it all.

Organize, plan, look and book in half the time and with zero hassle!
For the love of making life easy, no more maybe this, maybe that.

So, here you go…
Take it. It’s yours babe.

For you, from us, with love.