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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does Invigo cost?
Nothing. Signing up with Invigo is FREE. All you need to do is sign up online and start planning the party of a lifetime.
Who can see the event dashboard?
Just you. Capable you! Everyone has their personal dashboard. The event dashboard is where you can see all the event details: Who is going, voting polls, tasks lists, and the itinerary.
How do my guests receive their invites and event details?
We eliminate the anxiety of long-winded chat threads. Instead, guests receive text notifications with a simple link that jets them off quickly and painlessly to the event quizzes and dashboard.
Are the voting polls anonymous?
Oh, yeah! We understand the sensitivities around talking about money and choices. You can send your guests and bride tribe a personalized anonymous quiz of budget limits and getaway options for them to pick and click in private. Poll scores are tallied. You receive a majority score. So easy!
How do I know the City Guides are legit?
Our city guides are locally curated with love. All hotspots and destinations have been carefully reviewed, experienced and rated with Invigo’s accredited stamp of joy. Yes, we’ve done the homework babe, so you don’t have to.
How many bachelorette parties can I plan with Invigo?
Way more than 27 (dresses), if you like. With a tailored dashboard that supports current, past, or canceled events, the party never ends.
Will Invigo book my hotels and flights for me?
Um. No. Not our thing. We focus on providing you with the best technology to make planning the trip as easy as can be.
Will Invigo order me more wine and pizza when I’m having a bad M.O.H day?
The good news: There are no bad MOH days with Invigo. We are here to help, trust us, you’re going to be A-okay!